Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Howey on political innovation.

The last of Howey's talking points should be required reading on the part of every Democratic Party decision- and/or king-maker in Floyd County. Another election doing it the Dixiecrat way is in the books, and it wasn't pretty.

HOWEY: The positives and negatives of campaign 2012, by Brian Howey (N and T)

6. Democrat Glenda Ritz’s upset of Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett opens a new era of campaigning. She raised only about $250,000, compared to more than $1.5 million for Bennett, who spent most of his money on TV.

But network affiliate TV viewership is in rapid decline, and Ritz campaign operative Dave Galvin designed a social media program using Twitter and Facebook that looped in scores of teachers who were upset with the Bennett reforms.

Ritz pulled off an astounding upset and became a campaign pioneer.

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