Saturday, October 01, 2011

Everybody loves a parade, right?

Only at Harvest Homecoming and Confederate Railroad shows do we tolerate outhouses and hillbillies as symbols of a bright, glowing future.

Sending in the troops to quell New Albanian dissent seemed a bit over the top, but then again, St. Daniels didn't seem very comfortable at the press conference on Friday.

Fortunately, there was music. Unfortunately, although these up and coming young ravers can rock the Casbah, they can't play the waterfront because they're too loud. Ouch.

The fans rallied on the steps of the 1117 East Spring Street Neighborhood Association. There was beer.

During a parade themed "Wild About Autumn," the Shriners had their multi-humped camel ...

... but just about the only real animals came through at the very end, probably because neither the committee nor the city could afford a handful of mobile pooper scoopers.

From outhouses to the oxen of Flintstones ... another year, and another Harvest Homecoming parade day party.

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