Monday, November 15, 2010

Paul Etheridge announces mayoral bid, provides clues as to his target voter audience.

Competition undoubtedly is good. It would be interesting to me to hear Paul provide details to support the "ignored" assertion below, because I'm not sure it is accurate. Half of NABC is in Jaff Gahan's council district, just inside the beltway, and we don't feel ignored on the north side. If the Etheridge camp is reading -- can you elaborate, please?

By the way, what's your view on two-way street conversions downtown? Danke.
Etheridge says he plans to run for mayor of New Albany; Democrat says city needs new leadership, by Chris Morris (News and Tribune)

... He said he would also cut administrative costs, including the deputy mayor position, and maintain a balanced budget. While he supports the downtown area, he said other areas of New Albany have been ignored.

“All of their focus has been on the downtown. I’ve talked to a lot of business owners and they feel left out,” he said. “The downtown is important, but so are other businesses.”


Etheridge4Mayor said...

This is Paul Etheridge. I understand the importance of growing our downtown business district. Futhermore, I will fully support positive ideas to continue the growth and redevelopment of our downtown. My comment was in regards to the Mayor patronizing businesses equally. The mayor should do a better job of representing the whole community.

With regards to two way traffic changes: I would listen to requests from business owners and neighborhood associations regarding pattern changes. Then I would ensure a proper study is performed to determine the feasability. This is not a blow-off send you to the world of "Studies" response. INDOT can perform those studies if reqeusted. I have done so in the past. Traffic studies are important for concerns of public safety and emergency preparedness.

Randy said...

The studies have been done. Release the studies. Then just do it.

The New Albanian said...

Thanks Paul, appreciate the response.