Sunday, September 05, 2010

UEZ's Ladd asks: Is it time the business community to step up and seek its own solution?

Mike Ladd, executive director of the New Albany Urban Enterprise Zone, has a great idea, and outlines it in today's Tribune.
... Maybe it is time the business community step up and seek its own solution. In this time of tax cuts, coupled with diminishing revenues for local governments and nongovernment organizations (NGO’s), there is a tool that provides funds for downtown improvements and maintenance that the city or NGOs might never have funds to accomplish. I am speaking of a Business Improvement District (also known as an Economic Improvement District — BID/EID respectively) ...
Mike saves the crux of the issue until the very last line.

... Maybe the merchants of New Albany should consider helping themselves through this device.
Or, for that matter, through any device.

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