Thursday, August 26, 2010

Keystone takes on the Tabernacle.

Let's end the day with good news. Congratulations and good luck to Keystone Restorations in taking on the Baptist Tabernacle. No longer will it serve as unfortunate poster "child" for the Open Air Museum, as Keystone's intent is to put on a roof, install windows and doors, and repair the exterior masonry. As Greg Sekula put it in an e-mail today, "the goal is to stabilize."

On someone else’s dime: Like Shrader Stables, private group to rehab Baptist Tabernacle, by Daniel Suddeath (Tribune).

“It will eliminate one of our last major eyesores in the downtown area,” (Mayor England) said.

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G Coyle said...

I had been a bidder on the Tabernacle way back when the city was determined to pimp it out. Oh, how they pimped it out. But I am thrilled, as is everyone, this bitch is finally in the care of, well, anyone who cares. My whole idea in seeking to develop that particular building was to use it's massive window wells as a showcase for not only the old plate glass New Albany was once famous for, but as permanent glass art installation space. My cousin helped develop GlassWorks in Louisville so I know first hand about the nationally recognized glass art we have still being produced in the area.

But whatever Keystone does, it will at least be stabilized as quoted and that is a very good bit of news!