Saturday, August 21, 2010

"Thus, I got up early and I left early in case of a traffic jam."

Echoing former councilman Kochert's pithy exhortation to rise early, my friend Kurt made this sensible comment on a Facebook thread about the Thursday evening city council meeting -- specifically, the resolution against bridge tolling, and CM Zurschmiede's strange rationale that traffic jams cause his son to be late for work -- therefore, we should reduce traffic jams by tolling to build bridges and ... well, attract more traffic jams.

Note also that during a Facebook discussion, Zurschmiede recently compared the "choice" of bridge tolls for end users with the option of consumers to buy Starbucks coffee, and matters begin to get worrisome. Take it away, Kurt.
The Zurschmiede comment deserves a second statement.

I have been taking my son to a school off of Brownsboro Road for the past 3 years. For nearly 1 1/2 years I made this drive from Georgetown, Indiana (now I make it from Jeffersonville). I take my son in the morning - work in New Albany - and pick my son up in the afternoon, crossing the bridge 4 times.

Over three years I was late no more than a few times. How did I achieve this? I value my son's attendance record. 5-10 minutes late gets him a tardy and I view me getting him to school late as a failure on my part as a parent. Thus, I got up early and I left early in case of a traffic jam. I don't think I'm a saint for this; I just did what a responsible parent should do.

Had I been at that meeting I would have let Zurschmiede have it on that comment about his tardy son. I work in social services - i.e. I don't get paid a whole lot - and a potential $12 to cross the bridge in a day is a lot of money to me.

If Zurschmiede's son can't manage to get to work on time I would suggest he look at the lessons he instilled in his son. I would also suggest to the workplace of the tardy boy to consider hiring someone else - there are a lot of people in desperate need of employment right now - and given the opportunity for work, I am sure they wouldn't be late.

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