Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hizzoner strikes back: "(Clere) should be careful about what he says and when he says it."

Love him or hate him, Mayor Doug England has never been prone to meekness when his dander's up. Does England's assessment of the situation with Rep. Ed Clere click, and do his charges against Clere stick? Feel free to discuss.

The full text is here, followed by a letter from the IHSAA's director filled with nonsensical babble about the importance of high school sports amid the prevailing Daniels Education Pogram.

This is the third time in as many months that State Representative Ed Clere has taken it upon himself to announce the conclusion of important negotiations between the City of New Albany and State of Indiana. While I understand that Mr. Clere seeks kudos and political points as he is heads into his campaign to seek re-election to a second term as our State Representative, I think it is inappropriate for him to be the spokesman of City of New Albany business without coordinating with my office.


Iamhoosier said...

I agree with Mr. Ress--to a point. To keep athletics at the expense of the other "co-curricular" activities is a just as big a disservice to youth. Cut one of them--cut all of them.

Daniel S said...

Don't understand what's nonsensical about it. Sports teach kids, in many cases, more life skills than they will ever receive in the typical classroom. I could spend all day on how unfair it can be for athletes to get special treatment, but in a pure form sports teach tools the hands on learner has problems coping with in the standard classroom environment.
For the record, my mother was a high school teacher then principal, and I played football. The discipline rate for our football team was much lower than for the average group of high school students.
But not just athletes, any kind of positive activity usually keeps kids out of trouble.

Jeff Gillenwater said...

I'll send a statement to the media, Roger, and let you know. If that's not enough, I'll have my people schedule a press conference when you're not available and we can discuss it then.

lawguy said...

Wow - he's magically "fixed" our sewers and streets.

And how about our school funding?

(Insert sound of crickets chirping here).

I'm not pointing fingers, as Mr. Clere has asked us to stop doing that. I'm asking for some effort to help abrogate the situation.