Thursday, March 11, 2010

Doesn't Jack know that "them people" is Coffey's trademark line?

The single most ironic thing about this development is that as soon as the first registered New Albany Democrat in living memory concedes that he isn't really a Democrat after all (how many really are?), the transition to Republican values has occured with such lightning speed. Too bad about that, because Jack Messer, the anti-Price, has been right far more times than he's been wrong during his council tenure.

Remark prompts sensitivity training for New Albany police, by Harold J. Adams (Courier-Journal).

A New Albany police officer’s racial remarks have prompted the chief to schedule sensitivity training for the entire department ...

... Messer said those who make an issue of what he said are politically motivated. He was elected to the city council as a Democrat but has stated his intention to switch to the Republican Party. “Apparently somebody is trying to politically try to ruin me, I guess,” Messer said.

“I am going to run for mayor next year,” he said. “I’m not lining up with the Democratic Party anymore.”


Christopher D said...

I have known Jack for pretty much my entire life, and I honestly do not think there is a racist bone in his body.

A lot of things are said in the roll call room, and a lot of things used to be said that probably never should have been said.

I think all that separates this from countless other remarks made in the roll call room is the fact that someone called the press to sensationalize this.

Iamhoosier said...

I haven't known Jack all my life. I wasn't in the room. All I have is my opinion based on what I have heard and seen out of Jack.

I don't believe that he misspoke.

zampano said...

I am grateful that Messer made his comments. I like to know where people stand. It raises awareness and allows me to better inform my children. That way, I can warn them to stay the f*** away from racist cops, racist elected officials and anyone else who serves as an apologist for them.

-Joshua Poe

Unknown said...

I have grown-up and had Mr. Messer as a close family friend and role-model. These idiots saying he is a racist are only looking at the part of the story they want to see, another police officer being labeled a racist even though, if you read the conversation in its entirety, you will see how he was talking about his plans, if he is elected mayor, to help out the people in our housing project get out and get a better life so that they don't have to live in dumps, which is what they are, dumps.

Be informed. If it was clear and blatant racism, why did the police cheif, the mayor, and EVEN THE MAN WHO REPORTED THE "RACISM" (which he later said he misunderstood Jack) say it was a misunderstanding that got out of hand and was blown out of proportion by those bullies at the NCAA?

Why was the NCAA kicked out of town with threat of arrest when they said "We will be back and we will cause trouble?" Why would NCAA even say that unless they were simply trying to pick a fight. This is politically motivated and someone is just trying to stir-up stuff. Find a real issue to argue about, like our problem with the sewers and pot hole in the city. Sheesh.

The New Albanian said...

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