Monday, August 17, 2009

Yes: Signs being printed.

Last Friday I finally made time to drop in on Pete at DRC and make my modest monetary contribution to the Yes signage.

A bunch of them are being printed in the "fill in the blank" format, i.e., you can use your own markers or paint to finish the sign with four concepts or causes that you are "for," as opposed to "against" as with the red signs currently littering the municipality.

The point? Yes, not no. Be for something, not perpetually against. Show the outside world that we support ideas here, not rage at the moon and stars in impotent, populist despair. That we are constructive and capable, not frustrated and angry. We can do, accomplish, and succeed. The exact words written on these signs is far less important than the big word: Yes.

If the Yes signs are ready by Thursday, August 20, I'll take a stack with me to the city council meeting and give one to each of our elected representatives.
Anyone else in on this fun piece of performance art?
I suppose we also need to determine how to hand out the signs to interested parties. Discussion?


Christopher D said...

I will gladly take one!

Matt Nash said...

Any chance of taking the signs down ahead of time (under proper surveillance of course) and getting a group together possibly meeting at Bank Street Brewhouse and riding bicycles down to the City-County building for the Thursday night meeting.

Not to tip my hand but it would go well with my Friday column.

Just a thought!


The New Albanian said...

Absolutely. Is this something to announce to a wider audience, or do you envision a more select (ahem) group?

Matt Nash said...

I think it would be great if a large group of riders made the trek. Like I said it will complement my Friday column.

The more the merrier!


dan chandler said...

How much would a billboard cost, to print the image and to rent the space?