Saturday, August 23, 2008

Circus departs town, leaving acres of butts (some on the ground).

I’m preparing to walk down Spring Street and occupy a seat at the library as councilman Gonder convenes his rental registration and code enforcement committee.

Boss Hogg and the meaning of life.

Speaking only for myself, I look forward to seeing in attendance this morning the same passionate defenders of public health who spent the past few weeks (years?) advancing the topic of workplace safety through smoking bans: Dr. Harris, Mr. Aebersold, Ms. Adams-Wolf, Mr. Filler, Mr. Sodrel, and so on, and so forth.

Anything less than an equally passionate dedication to public health through slumlord abatement would be indicative of a certain inconsistency, wouldn’t you say?

Just don't spoil the afterglow by suggesting that their attention has already migrated to the next hot button.


Christopher D said...

It was a good opening meeting. I do have a good feeling about this measure being addressed by the councilmen present. I just hope that equal attention will continue to be given to both the private concerned citizens whom are forced to deal with this on a daily basis, as well as the national and local realtor groups.

Jeff Gillenwater said...

It was a good conversation but, alas, none of the persons mentioned were in attendance.

Bayernfan said...

They got what they wanted, damn the rest of the problems in this town.