Monday, August 22, 2005

Business up at New Albany DVD as city's Luddites finally given their "full Inquisition."

Today, more free publicity for an unpopular local business.

Pastors rallying against adult store ; Prosecutor urged to file charges, By Ben Zion Hershberg, (short shelf life on C-J links).
An excerpt:

Two pastors are sharply critical of Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson for failing to file criminal charges against an adult video store near downtown New Albany.

The Rev. Gary Cooper, left, and the Rev. Tony Goebel (right) minister to a sinner caught coming out of New Albany DVD, an adult video store located near to the streets paved with gold that lead to Caesar’s.

The Mullahs are critical of Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson’s failure to bring criminal charges against New Albany DVD for violating a “state law that makes it illegal to sell or display materials harmful to minors within 500 feet of a church or school.”

It is uncertain whether photos of war dead in Iraq, “American Idol” videos and Councilman Dan Coffey’s barbecued bologna recipe fall within these “harmful” parameters, but in any event, the prosecuting attorney is understandably too busy contending with the access demands of "Court TV" during the forthcoming Camm trial of the century to comment on the NADVD case.


ceece said...

Would these people also have been behind protecting us from The Boat? hmm I think enough damage has been done eh?

Ann said...

Unless NA DVD is selling to minors I don't see a problem.

The material they are selling is not illegal. No one has to shop there if they don't want to.

ceece said...

I believe that Mr H didn't take NA DVD to court because they would have probably lost, and then the city would have had to pay for all the legal fees involved.

While it is an unsightly thing to see coming out of a church, Ann is right.

Jeff Gillenwater said...

Does this mean they'll be having a sale soon?

Tim Deatrick said...

Our city attorney did a great job on this case didn't he?

NA Libra said...

New Albany botched the whole planning process for this business. When NA DVD applied for permits, the appropriate government office should have checked out the business plan, the local ordinances, etc.

The New Albanian said...

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