Saturday, September 03, 2016

Top Ten posts at NA Confidential for August, 2016.

Another day, another pedestrian struck by a driver at Spring & Vincennes.

Thanks for reading NA Confidential, where we annoyingly burrow beneath the headlines to offer unique local perspectives. August was yet another fine month in terms of blog traffic, and the posts highlighted here attest to a keen interest in local stories, perhaps because they're not being served elsewhere.

The list begins with fifteen "honorable mention" posts, before concluding with the Top Ten, escalating to No. 1. Stats are derived from Google's internal numbers listings.




The mark of The Pirate? If so, the orange paint would be applied to the sign itself, not the post.


RENOVATION UPDATE: You know, that building where Walgreen's and SS Kresge used to be (302 Pearl Street).


Streets are our most fundamental shared public spaces, but Irv and Bob and Padgett won't grasp this in a thousand million years.

430 (tie)

What they're saying: As the GOP candidate for county commissioner, Billy Stewart just surprised the Hell right out of me.

430 (tie)

Henderson ethics, schMETHics: Matt Oakley challenges the Floyd County power duopoly. Matt Oakley loses. Turn the page.


I'll be voting for Dennis O. Roudenbush, the independent candidate for Floyd County 3rd District Commissioner.


Pacers & Racers store expansion is under way.

440 (tie)

RENOVATION UPDATE: You know, that building where Abe's Rental used to be (140 E Main St).

440 (tie)

ON THE AVENUES: DNA, National Main Street, the Four Points, and how it might yet be possible to get this thing right for once.


The Baptist Tabernacle (316 E. 4th) has new windows, and renovation work continues.


Sunday rumination: Independent local merchants can't shy away from the big picture.


In spite of the best pressboard TIF can buy, "Many downtown luxury apartments sit empty."


More bullies and bullying from the Sunday summit of the bully pulpit.


Seven views of the New Albany Riverfront Amphitheater's deteriorating observation deck.


Main Street median is spurned as John Rosenbarger's urn is burned on the return -- yet again.


Matt Oakley's assessment of the prosecutor's ethical breakdown doesn't stop with Keith Henderson.


334 days later, the News and Tribunefinally explains: New Albany was screwed for almost a year so the paper can "redefine" its approach. Thanks, Bill. May we have another?



Where'd you get those birds? Somehow New Albany's water park fails to retain yet another business.


Those little extras: Taco Steve could be selling beer some time in September.


#GahanSafe: All the push-button "walk" signals for crossing Spring at Pearl are defective, and have been for five months to a year.


Letter to the editor: "I've spent a lot of time thinking about the school referendum."


No decision has been reached on new Street Piano Project, says Board of Works and Public Safety.


When it comes to public sightings, three for three is just too much to ask.


Aladdin's Cafe is up and running at its new Underground Station location.


Moldering pile of shit celebrates three-month anniversary by the sidewalk in front of Ron Craig's rental property on Market Street.


Join Gregg Seidl for a farewell Drinking with the Dead haunted history tour on Saturday, August 20.


BREAKING: Two more pedestrians have been struck by a driver at the intersection of Spring and Vincennes.

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