Sunday, May 29, 2016

You don't need Adam Dickey's permission to be a community planner.

The anguished cries echoing through the confines of Adam's cranium are palpable.

"But how would these community planners lend themselves to Democratic Party financing needs?"

Because ... the city planners surely do, don't they?

City Planners vs. Community Developers (The Small Street Journal)

... By this definition, city planners can be community developers within their own communities, or they can act as consultants to other communities. However, city planners are not necessarily community developers.

This disambiguation showcases an important distinction between community development and city planning: where a profession like city planning tends to view itself as the expert, the final-say, or the holder of specialized knowledge, community development is rooted in the knowledge of a locality; where city planning offers a top-down solution, community development offers a bottom-up approach.

I’m sure by now I’ve offended a few city planners, but please, stick with me.

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