Monday, March 21, 2016

"How will it affect handicapped access?"

I'll admit my sampling is small, but having attended more than a few Board of Public Works and Safety meetings over the years, I'm hard pressed to recall requests for curb cuts, sidewalk overhauls, construction projects, special event fencing or pot luck lawn suppers being greeted with a simple question:

"How will it affect handicapped access?"

In fact, any project undertaken within spitting distance of a sidewalk should be prefaced with this inquiry. A coherent response should constitute the minimum, prior to rote approvals being granted and campaign finance tithes conglomerated.

Right, Mr. Naps?

Yo, wheelchair users -- wanna head north on 5th? Just use as that OTHER side.


Iamhoosier said...

But they almost always ask, "How will this the affect traffic?"

The New Albanian said...

I was hoping someone would say that; thanks. Until walkability/access comes to their minds along with traffic concerns, we'll never make progress. Granted, it's the way most of us were raised to think, but we can learnt to rethink.