Friday, March 11, 2016

City Hall web site tests new emergency Gahan alert system.

The mayor doesn't miss a trick when it comes to constructing his cult of personality.

Too much boring information on the city's web site? Well, Gahan's here to help by cherry-picking the important bits and posting them adjacent to a photo of himself at, where today we learn how emergency preparedness passes first through the mayor, not unlike a kidney stone, and then reaches YOU.

The posting was followed by a test of the new emergency Gahan alert system.

Dude -- got any of those for cats?

The City of New Albany recently launched an emergency notification system that allows residents to sign up and receive timely emergency alerts directly to their cell phone, home phone, e-mail, or whichever device is most convenient. This system will allow us to provide residents with critical information during an emergency, such as a severe weather event or a boil water advisory.

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