Tuesday, March 08, 2016

"Chef Gina Brown offers all-ages friendly cooking class."

It flummoxes me that while the former New Albany newspaper devotes an enormous amount of energy promoting a one-time cooking class to be held in Jeffersonville in May, Chef Gina's cooking classes keep right on going here in New Albany, under the newspaper's nose.

Gina's also taking the lead in helping organize a Fresh Stop Market in New Albany; the next meeting is on March 17.

This evening, Gina is providing a healthy cooking demonstration at Floyd Memorial Hospital.

Sweet home Alabama -- whatever. There's lots to cover right here, isn't there?

Chef Gina Brown offers all-ages friendly cooking class, by Caitlin Bowling (Insider Louisville)

Chef Gina Brown’s goal is to get people back in the kitchen.

It has nothing to do with societal roles and everything to do with making fresh food accessible. Busy schedules make unhealthy pre-made meals look tempting, said Brown, whose Every Day Fresh cooking classes aim to teach novice and experienced cooks simple recipes they can make at home.

The classes are around three hours long, which includes learning how to make the food and then eating it. Each attendee also receives a print-out of recipes used in the class.

Pre-scheduled classes cover topics like pasta-making, Mediterranean cooking and homemade Asian dumplings, potstickers and pierogies. This month in celebration of Pi Day on March 14, Brown also is offering a special pie-making course.

People also can request a class if they want to learn something specific that isn’t currently on her schedule, said Brown, an adjunct professor at Sullivan University and certified ServSafe instructor and proctor.

This past Sunday, Brown taught a pasta-making course to 10 people in the former coffee shop space at the back of Destination’s Booksellers, located at 604 E. Spring St. in New Albany. The bookstore acts as her base of operations. It also is the home of Taco Steve, a street taco eatery that moved in at the end of last year.


w&la said...

C'mon - you know it's not newsworthy unless you buy an ad.

The New Albanian said...

You're cracking me up.