Tuesday, March 15, 2016

An AWOL Jeff Gahan evades Native American activist seeking dialogue about potential site destruction at the dog park.

On Sunday, we became aware of a problem.

The city of New Albany may soon try to destroy a 3,000 to 6,000 year old Native American site to build a dog park.

Anthony Nava seems to be having problems getting calls through to Jeff Gahan's down-low bunker.

Well I finally got to talk with a rep from the city of New Albany ... sigh. They want to put us off until mid-April. I feel this is to give them time to move forward with their project. I think we need to act quickly before they have a chance to do so and possibly complete their project. I was told that they had the right to move forward but when I requested that the mayor and staff meet with the community I was shot down and my phone message to the mayor intercepted by other staff lower down in his department.

Readers, if you're feeling Nava's pain, please drop a line to your council representative. We wish him luck ... and too many of us know exactly how he feels trying to break through the security cordon.

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