Saturday, June 29, 2013

Democrats address "controversy" over Health Department's actions.

The Floyd County Democratic Party has posted on Facebook with reference to PourGate, The Floyd County Health Department's ongoing campaign to compel beer vendors to purchase temporary food service permits.

Now, wouldn't you think usurpation of this magnitude might merit ... nah, never mind. That other party bunch has issues of their own.

Thanks to the Democrats for the party's consideration. Really. I genuinely appreciate it.


There has been a controversy growing at the local level over the Health Department's decision to require temporary food permits for vendors of alcoholic beverages. The enforcement of this rule has been challenged by some of the vendors, with local brewer Roger Baylor being the most prominent among them. He’s chronicled his fight on his blog which can be accessed online:

FCDP believes in food safety and the important and often underappreciated work the Health Department does to keep our citizen safe from disease or other harm. Yet, we also admit that in this matter the actions of that department seem ill timed and perhaps even heavy handed. Unconfirmed reports have been given that neighboring counties don’t have the same requirement and local code seems ambiguous on the issue.

Floyd County has a rich history of community events and this issue hasn’t surfaced in the past. Sometimes first educating individuals on legal requirements are a better tactic than unapologetic enforcement. As Develop New Albany President Joe LaRocca said last week - “Honestly we just didn’t know” the permits were required.

Ignorance of the law is never an excuse, but FCDP will pay close attention as the appeals are considered by the Health Board and further explanation of the policy develops.

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