Saturday, November 03, 2012

Parks Agitprank: What do you mean it wasn't "political"? Irv Stumler was there, for chrissakes.

Here's the plan: "The current Parks Department model entered into beginning in 1994 has contributed to a blatant and ongoing inequality in funding by Floyd County to Agreement."

Here's what happened on Friday:

... In front of the City-County Building, a group that included local business leaders, attorneys and elected officials gathered to make a final push to the New Albany City Council to strike down a proposal to split the joint parks department.

Toward the end of the press conference, NA-FC Parks Board Chairman Scott Klink was interrupted while addressing the media by Councilman Dan Coffey, who voted for the split on first and second readings last month and is the sponsor of the measure to divide the department.

Here's what Mayor Gahan had to say:

Gahan released a statement on the press conference Friday, as he called it “an obvious political stunt.”

“Election day jitters have forced county officials to make promises that are in complete contradiction to both their recent actions and public statements,” Gahan said. “My plan is the best way to improve parks and recreation here in New Albany, and I encourage everyone to visit our website to read it.”

Here's what CM Kevin Zurschmiede had to say:

"I think the county has put forth a lot of effort to equalize their funding."

Here's what I have to say:

Kevin, my dear man, exactly why was it that the county HAD to out forth effort to equalize funding if that's what it was SUPPOSED to do in the first place? 

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