Thursday, November 17, 2011

Penn State child rape deception: "One more lie to maintain the preposterously lucrative unreality of college athletics."

There are times when the only thought occurring to you after reading an essay is this: Why couldn't I have written that?

The Brutal Truth About Penn State: The problem can't be solved by prayer or piety — and it's far more widespread than we think, by Charles P. Pierce (Grantland).

... It no longer matters if there continues to be a football program at Penn State. It no longer even matters if there continues to be a university there at all. All of these considerations are trivial by comparison to what went on in and around the Penn State football program ...

... It is not a failure of our institutions so much as it is a window into what they have become — soulless, profit-driven monsters, Darwinian predators with precious little humanity left in them. Penn State is only the most recent example. Too much of this country is too big to fail.


Nccondra said...

Outstanding article. Mr. Pierce captures our collective disgust with the whole situation. Thank you for sharing it.

Norma Condra

G Coyle said...

Ya’know, Penn State ripped the whole “Naked men disrobing and oiling themselves with and in the company of nubile young boys” from the Greeks “playbook”. Like the gymnasium and the Palaistra (naked) stuff. They should own it like the Greeks and sell memorabilia, monetize it baby - along side the branded shot glasses and Pompoms, Collegiate bookstores could be selling hand-painted vases depicting creepy older men approaching young men with “love offerings”. Maybe a commemorative platter for your parents at Christmas with a Man-boy sodomy scene. Memories for degenerations to come.