Friday, February 05, 2010

3 1/2 stars for NABC Bank Street Brewhouse, says the Courier-Journal.

We knew the Bank Street Brewhouse restaurant review was coming to the Saturday edition of the Louisville Courier-Journal, but we didn't know it would be posted on-line at Metromix a full day in advance.

The 3 1/2 star review begins with a description of downtown New Albany, then and now, and I wouldn't be human if I didn't say that it smells like vindication to me.

It's more than just a beer joint, by Marty Rosen.

All of a sudden, New Albany seems to have found its future. A sparkling new YMCA facility, long a centerpiece of the city’s development plans, is drawing throngs of people. And a downtown dining scene that was once best known for housing the diminutive burger joint Little Chef and the inexpensive enormity of the salt-laden meals at the old Southside Inn, has become a bona fide dining district, with enough diversity and quality to lure folks from all over the region.

Congratulations to Chef Lehman, GM Powell, staff and brewers. We're still not there yet, but we're getting closer each day. On-premise business has steadily improved, even without the outdoor seating that's so important to the business plan.

Our goal was 100 off-premise draft beer accounts after six months of draft beer distribution, and we're just about on time with it. You can find NABC beer at numerous establishments in Louisville and Southern Indiana, as well as in Munster, Indianapolis, Muncie, Zionsville, Madison and Evansville, among other Hoosier outposts.

We're hoping for a crazy weekend. Here's the link to Kylene Lloyd's BSB photo gallery in Metromix.


Jeff Gillenwater said...

At the usual risk of flogging from "local" newspaper staff, I say congratulations on a good review and positive exposure to a broader audience and thanks for helping the overall downtown cause.

Having built up trust with his readership over many years, Rosen's opinion carries weight in the region that should be helpful for you and everyone doing business downtown.

Between the independent businesses and the cultural institutions steadily increasing their patronage, New Albany's future is looking more promising and sustainable each year, especially since the revenue generated at locally owned, independent ventures is recycled through our economy to a greater degree than that of corporate owned chains.

Daniel S said...

I think it's a well written review, almost up to snuff with Leo's most important story about New Albany ever :)

But I won't pass on the opportunity to ask a relevant question. How can CJ justify staffing food reviewers in So. Indiana but can't get reporters to meetings/events on more than a hit or miss basis?

Iamhoosier said...


Jeff Gillenwater said...

And a few short hours later, it's agitprop. I love digital the age, I swear I do.