Thursday, May 18, 2006

234 Pearl Street sold, to be occupied.

We're told that the sale of 234 Pearl Street is final, and that it will be the site of an office (business undisclosed). Interior work has started, and although the exterior will be painted and the clock/temperature function restored, there will be no further work on the building's facade.

The tacky Budweiser stickers from the ill-fated opium 'n' swill den known as Von's Place are gone. Let's hope that the Jim's Gun Room sign follows suit. While I have a several fond memories of the late firearm dealer Jim Looney, it's better for downtown to move past something that hasn't been open since the early 1990's. Good luck to the new owner.


maury k goldberg said...

Dear Roger,

I was informed by the Real Estate agent, who sold the property, that the property is to be used for a Real Estate office and a Mortage Company.


edward parish said...

Wondering what happened to the person who was wishing to open under the Afro-German concept, were they not looking at the 234 site?

G.Coyle said...

E.P...we're still looking for space and are evaluting the Smith building this week. We had been interested in the 234 site, but we'll keep looking and hoping.