Saturday, December 14, 2013

NAC's 7,000th post: Seven years on, Vicki Ann Denschak still masquerades as "College Professor of Political Science," as city yawns.

A hearty "Happy Birthday" to Freedom to Screech, which expends its 59th posting of the calendar year 2013 to boilerplate back-slapping -- and who needs grammar, spelling and style guidelines?

We are sure others have discovered that it's not easy keeping a blog fresh and current.

Indeed, it is. NAC's 1,115 posts this year haven't been easy at all, but let's not be churlish on such an auspicious occasion.

The Palsied Poseur Abides, and we are immeasurably somnolent for it. Hip hip, hooray, because while she's opposed to big government spoying on its citizens, there's nothing wrong with eavesdropping on your own neighbors. That's America!


 ... New Albany is really a small town and while you are enjoying breakfast, lunch or dinner at the local bars or restaurants, people are listening to your conversation and taking notes.

Will FOS be joining the innkeeper when she sells out and moves to balmier climes?

Stay tuned ... if you can stay awake.

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