Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Orwell doing graveside hand stands as Sen. Kruse pursues "truth" in creationist indoctr ... er, education.

Last year Senator Dennis Kruse, an auctioneer by trade, pushed for overt creationism in the public schools, and presumably had the Florida-bound Tony Bennett spit shining his shoes just prior to seeing the effort ditched owing to pesky, minor problems like constitutionality.

Now Kruse is back, and Rick Howlett's coverage (below) at 89.3 FM simply doesn't do justice to the sheer grandeur of this session's Kruse class project, dubiously entitled "truth in education."

For added detail we turn to Dan Carden at NWI Politics.

Kruse said he's "working on a different approach to the subject" focused on "truth in education."

Specifically, Kruse wants to empower students to challenge their teachers "to make sure what is being taught is true."

"If a student thinks something isn't true then they could question the teacher, and the teacher would have to come up with some better research to support what they're teaching is true or not true," said Kruse, chairman of the Senate Education Committee.

Kruse said under his plan, each school corporation would be allowed to determine the topics of questions students could ask and the types of evidence considered truth.

"It's going to be written in a kind of a broad way," Kruse said.

Yes, this guy has a college degree and was once a licensed teacher.

No, you weren't drugged and transported to the Middle Ages via the Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator.

It's still 2012 ... in most of the state.

Indiana Lawmaker Proposes "Truth In Education" Measure

The lead sponsor of last year's effort to allow the teaching of creationism in Indiana schools is altering his efforts this year in favor of a so-called "truth in education" measure.
Senate Education Committee chairman Dennis Kruse says the proposal would encourage students to question a broad range of topics in the classroom. Lawmakers approved such a measure over the governor's objections in Tennessee, where that has translated into questioning evolution.
Kruse led an effort during the 2012 session to allow teaching of creationism in Indiana's public schools.

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