Friday, February 03, 2012

According to Dale Moss, we're cool in a diverse-type way.

I can hear former councilman Steve Price's anguished cry: "But if we're the Highlands, where are we gonna park all them cars? Aaaiiiyyeeeeee ... "

Dale Moss: New Albany gets its cool on (Courier-Journal)

... Paul Kiger, Southern Indiana’s 2011 Realtor of the Year, does all he can to promote the area as the Darrs find it.

Trendy is the word Kiger offers of momentum he contends only is beginning. “There’s definitely a movement,” he said. “It really offers a diverse-type culture for about any lifestyle.”

The Darrs make the most of handy parks and the city’s riverfront. They walk when they can and appreciate otherwise that parking typically is free and close. “It’s a five-minute drive here, a two-minute drive there,” Savannah said. All in all, they get a lot and gave up only a little. Their decision was smart, they say, not merely practical.

“I think the area we live in is the Highlands for the young professional,” he said.

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Iamhoosier said...

I see that Jerry Finn weighed in with a comment on the CJ site. "... only the beginning of great things ahead".

He forgot to add, "Until tolls on existing infrastructure kill the momentum in Southern Indiana".