Monday, February 13, 2012

Just as long as we don't "reach out" to surrounding areas ...

The information below was received earlier today from Mandy at the Holiday Inn Express.

Of course, my suggestion would be for these Bridge To City festivities to include a significant "But We're Still Against Bridge Tolls, Damn It" component.

I'm going to assume that what follows represents some semblance of a grassroots effort, absent One Southern Indiana's typically toll-happy, leaden hand of paternalism, or other local organizations stretching out palms for someone else's seed money. Of course, I will try to attend tomorrow morning to report back to you, the loyal reader.


I apologize for the late notice, but I would like to extend the following invitation to you:

Please join us on Tuesday morning, February 14th, 8:30 am, at the Holiday Inn Express in New Albany, located at 411 W. Spring Street, for a 1 hour brainstorm/planning discussion about a Bridge Opening celebration in New Albany.

Communities in Southern Indiana have met with Southern Indiana Convention-Tourism to identify March 2,3,4 as a Regional bridge opening celebration weekend. There will be TV and Radio ads bought to promote our celebrations. There will also be email blasts and Newspaper ads, notifying our region about the celebrations. Each of us will receive a decal to go in our windows notifying the community that we are a part of this celebration.

What does New Albany want to do -- block party, celebration at a specific location, specials for folks coming that weekend? Please join us on Tuesday to finalize the details!

Secondly, The website has been set up to share any offers businesses want to extend during the entire month of March. Please forward your information and specials to:

We have also established a Facebook Page: Open Bridges to Southern Indiana. Please like the page and feel free to post your offers on there as well. Share with all of your friends so they can "Like" the page too. Lets get some posts on this page regarding the great experiences we have had at our fellow businesses!

Please join us Tuesday to plan an event to Welcome our region BACK to New Albany! I look forward to seeing you all there!!!

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