Monday, September 19, 2011

We think he thinks he's going to war: Is anyone ready for an adults-only discussion about City Hall's UEA provocations?

Maybe, maybe not. It depends on whether we can find any adults.

The Green Mouse says that this Wednesday's Urban Enterprise Association board meeting will be the culmination of a lame duck but still conniving City Hall's recent campaign against the UEA's statutory autonomy, and that the mayor will attend the meeting to demand (a) an immediate surrender, (b) defenestration for the UEA's director, Mike Ladd, and (c) an immediate screening of the Marx Brothers' classic satire, "Duck Soup," to be funded (of course) by the UEA's bulging and just-out-of-reach coffers.

Speaking personally, I join councilman Dan Coffey in saying: "UEA? Leave it be!" I wonder if our mayoral candidates have an opinion?


Kate Caufield said...

Help me understand...isn't the UEA funded at the state level, thus rendering the UEA completely out of city control or jurisdiction fund and staffing wise?

dan chandler said...

UEA's statutory autonomy

You have to ask, how autonomous is any system supposed to be when, by design, its board members are appointed by the mayor and city council .