Friday, September 23, 2011

Ready for more fun, NA commuters?

From the Board of Works comes this travel advisory. Suggested detour routes are West Street and Bono Road, and also I-64 and I-265.

State Street from Children's Academy school to near Green Valley Road will be closed for construction, including paving and restriping, from early Sunday morning, Sept. 26, to Thursday, Sept. 29. Additionally, the intersection of Green Valley Road and State Street will be closed Wednesday morning.

We will send additional advisories if weather or other circumstances force changes in the road closure.


Matt Nash said...

A couple of months ago Louisville paved Main Street over a two night period.

Iamhoosier said...

Change can't come soon enough. I believe that either Jeff or Jack will do better than this. Hell, Randy Hubbard probably would have done better than this. Too bad he was above talking to the voters.

G Coyle said...

This is just the kind of basic gov't stuff our local administration routinely ignores to focus on their personal bottom-lines in their authentic roles as wannabe real estate developers. We have two paid Mayors and neither one has time to manage infrastructure projects?