Thursday, September 20, 2007

Why is “The Gary” proposing duplexes for a locale so far removed from the churches that (his) people want to attend?

Here’s the scoop, courtesy of the Kerberos’ Korner blog:

WTF: Slumlord Proposes Duplex Near DePauw Avenue

The long and the short of it is that Gary (McCartin) is applying for a variance in order to knock down the existing structure and build two 2-story duplexes ... in a proposed historic neighborhood. I don't think so!

Gary's reputation as a landlord is less than stellar. The one way we will beat this variance is to show up October 2nd at 7 p.m. at the City-County building and show our support for our neighborhood.

NAC has been corresponding with several local neighborhood activists, and here is a sampling of their comments about The Gary’s latest variance fix:

Here comes the next wave from Mr. McCartin … I've no doubt the residents over there are sufficiently mobilizing.


Hard to imagine he’d be interested in that corner. It isn’t a cornfield, and it’s fairly far away from the church that he thinks all of us want to attend.


There couldn't be a more inappropriate place for 2 duplexes on the face of the planet.


I’m not a conspiracy buff, but you have to wonder if this latest headscratcher is some sort of diversionary maneuver. Maybe he's in need of pocket change - who knows?


Some good that may come from this, the folks in and around DePauw may decide to seek historic district status. After the variance is denied (and it will be denied) that would be the definitive "get out and stay out" message to Mr. McCartin.


An interesting aside - the MLS for this property expired on Aug. 30 with no sale, and the asking price was $84,900. Neighbors interested in purchasing the property contacted Marquis Realty prior to the expiration date and were told the property was sold.


Much in the same way that rogue slumlords poison the “keg of nails” for those rental property owners who are legitimate, Gary McCartin continues to pursue his goal of a shoddy fleur-de-lis-tattooed exurb in every backyard – something that has the unintended (or is it?) consequence of discrediting legitimate suburban development plans offered by thoughtful developers … and yes, there are some hereabouts.

There will be more on the Vance/DePauw story next week. Meanwhile, let's try for a big contingent at the October 2 hearing. Video cameras, anyone?


All4Word said...

I revisited the site last evening and was surprised to discover that the notice for the zoning variance hearing indicates not four units, but five, listing duplexes (plural) and single-family house.

Though the burden of proof is on the one seeking the variance, it's incumbent on us to turn out, sign petitions, and otherwise make certain that the BZA knows that this is not the complaining of a few near neighbors but rather an uprising of communitarian types from throughout the city who treasure that neighborhood (and perhaps envy its setting.

G Coyle said...

good to see a new blogger in town.

Christopher D said...

Does anyone have a list of the more "lovely" slums.....errr I mean investment properties he owns. My shutter finger is itching to take some goooooood pictures for the meeting 10-2?

G Coyle said...

I also noticed in the Tribune someone is applying to fill a flood plain off Charlestown road for a subdivison. sounds like no so good an investment to me, but if it's close enough to your church maybe you won't mind the sinking over time, not to mention the mosquitos.