Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Just one of a thousand deaths.



Ann said...

Shockingly, all the comments are anonymous. Fancy that.

Greg said...

The British author Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) wrote, "I hate a fellow whom pride, or cowardice, or laziness drives into a corner, and who does nothing when he is there but sit and growl; let him come out as I do, and bark". So, keep barking Roger. You are doing well!

Iamhoosier said...

So, Roger, how can we tell when a moth farts?

Looks like another blogger who is potential customer for one of my products--chicken feed.

Christopher D said...
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Anonymous said...


I certainly understand the frustration. I appreciate your efforts and your insight.

I'll continue to openly disagree at times and we can bat the issues back and forth. That's how mature individuals deal with conflict.

Christopher D said...

You know someone has some serious mental issues when they take the time to talk to themselves on their own blog.
No profile for the author, my post is the only one with an actual profile attached to it.
This obviously is the product of a someone with a disturbed ego, and a sad sad life.

"Censure is the tax a man pays to the public for being eminent."

Unknown said...

I just love people that are to chicken to post who they are. They dont even have the nerve to back their voice up with a face or a name.


John Alton said...

Roger, Personally, I think the NAC blog, and what you post here is a breath of fresh air for New Albany. It takes someone to get issues stirred up and noticed in this city. Sit back, have a pint or two, and consider this.. While your blog is a breath of fresh air..."Fed Up's" has the smell of nothing more than crap.
Happy Valentine's Day everybody!

John Manzo said...

That courageous person named Anonymous strikes again.

A Democrat in Floyd County said...

Amazing how those comments are some of the very one that caused Eastender to shutter her blog for awhile and I doubt she will ever allow anonymous comments again.

Yep, sounds like SOS to me.

Iamhoosier said...

I really am not trying to start something but I find your comment interesting. It goes along with a brief comment about trust that I just posted on your blog.

Do you remember how SOLNA lambasted Roger(et al)for his stand on anonymous posters? Look what happened. Somewhere, somehow, I think that the dispute over anonymous posters led to more distrust and the "allied" factions that we see today. "Your with them so I don't believe anything you say..."

G Coyle said...

Well, you must be doing something right if another slander blog pops up to try and discourage you. There seem to be many "mental" people in NA who can't get thru their little day without a boogie-man to talk to. Thanks Roger for having the personal integrity to post your name and ideas!!

A Democrat in Floyd County said...

You are probably right, IAMHOOSIER. It did lead to more distrust amongst "factions" (your words, not mine), but I feel we have come a long way in working out this issue.

It seems we all now know who is behind the two blogs that are in question; but there may be one issue you aren't aware of.

This blog site was provided to New Albanian by me...felt he should know what was going on. A City official gave it to me.

Somehow, I hope this can resolve some of the trust issues and disagreements that occurred in the past and that we can leave it there, in the past.

Yes, we learned a hard lesson. Yes, New Albanian was correct on those anonymous comments.

At the same time, as Moderator for my own blog, I let a comment slip through because of the way it was disguised, and New Albanian called me out on it; he was right; and I deleted it.

Let's all just get along. And as I just posted a response to you on "my blog", I'll repeat some of it here,

Happy Valentine's Day New Albany!
May wish to check out OUR Sanitation Trucks on SOLNA. This blog is back, and has that Moderator on top of it, thanks to the New Albanian.

I find it fascinating, too, people talking to and answering theirselves on their own blog. The word very may well be "mental issues" with someone talking with theirselves. Isn't there a saying, you can talk to yourself, but when you start answering yourself, you may want to wonder about your mental health?

Unknown said...

I am still waiting for Roger to tell us how we can tell when a moth farts.

Roger we are waiting patienly.

On a good note the slum lords across the street have put the house up for sale and have kicked all the unpleasant people out of the house and I believe they might be doing some remodeling

ceece said...
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The New Albanian said...

A moth farts when he or she eats too many White Castles. Geez, everyone knows that.

Yvonne's right on the money; she tipped me off a week or two back, and it is appreciated. I've been monitoring the "fed up" carnage ever since.

Thanks also to the others who mentioned it since.

As for the cesspool itself ... truly it is rare that one's "enemies" are so forthcoming with irrefutable evidence of their inadequacies.

edward parish said...

RAB wrote "As for the cesspool itself ... truly it is rare that one's "enemies" are so forthcoming with irrefutable evidence of their inadequacies."

I'm sure President Clinton felt the same way

ceece said...

oh so sorry for the crazy post.

I was saying that I needed to brag on Adam a bit. He just got done remodeling the house on Oak Street.I mean I can chat on here and talk a good game, but he actually is out there doing something to help turn the city around.

One more slumlord house off the list. You can follow the thread at, and visit for the before and after shots.

ceece said...

Ann said...

ceece, looks fantastic! Adam does good work.

Jeff Gillenwater said...

According to George Carlin, you can tell when a moth farts when he flies in a straight line.

Given their proclivity for seeking light sources and the inevitable outcome of mixing heat with methane, I prefer watching for the tiny little explosions.

I don't know what happens when they fly crooked in the dark. Maybe FedUp will enlighten us with an insider's view.

Congrats to Adam for rehabbing a house. Congrats to Roger for rehabbing a mental state.

It's a chicken and egg deal. Doing both solves problems.

G Coyle said...

Adam - rehab hero for the day!

lawguy said...

Roger -

My intial thought is that I think that I'd enjoy standing in a room next to you and HB....odds are good that I'd be the most popular person there, which is a rarity given what I do for a living...ha ha ha.

Seriously though, I offer you this one thought...

A week or so ago, I shared a quiet note with HB after he was dealing with those incessant anonymous knats that seek only to disparage, never to encourage. I gave him one of my favorite Churchill quotes. For you, sir, I would like to share another.

If history is indeed accurate, it was Winston Churchill who once said:


To you Roger, I say "good for you" for standing up for what you truly believe.

I've worked in NA for nearly 4 years, lived here for nearly 2, and only became interested and aware of many of the local issues from reading your blog (among a few others). It does make a difference, as it causes unknowing people like me to become interested and involved.

So....cheers to you. The next Croupier is on me...

maury k goldberg said...

It is sad that such a blog exists. No Honor or Integrity and is reflective of the anonymous posters with their opinions.


The New Albanian said...

My next Croupier on Lawguy ... score!

But seriously, thanks. Further thanks to the many expressions of sanity posted here today.

Iamhoosier said...

When Lawguy orders your Croupier, the keg will blow and you will end up paying for it anyway. "Rolls around, around, aaannnddd pops out"

How do I know this? Look what he does for a living!(smile)