Saturday, December 23, 2006

UPDATED: It wasn't an isolated occurrence.

If you missed it earlier this week, and especially if you weren't following the discussion thread, go back and look again at Tuesday's NA Confidential marquee. Throughout the day, I'll be adding links to earlier postings addressing the same topic.

An absentee rental property owner's Yuletide gift to the citizens of New Albany.

This mess from 418 East 11th Street. Steven Gregory is the landlord and he dumped this in the driveway of the other house behind it because 418 East 11th street does not have a backyard. This is illegal dumping on someone's property.

See also Gina's Letter from New Albany: Smile - I'm taking pictures of 7th Street.

Lloyd's View from the Highway: Mr, Can You Tell Me How To......?

And check back at NA Confidential on Sunday, Christmas Eve, as we consider the question: "Why were neighborhood concerns deemed unsuitable for Mayor's "state of the city" address on Thursday?"


13 June 2006: REWIND: City Councilman Cappuccino speaks with NA Confidential.

NAC: The rule of law?

CC: (Exasperated) Law, schmaw. No, VOTES! Can’t live with ‘em when they’re cast by those hoity toity East Enders, and can’t live without ‘em if they’re my neighbors on the West Side! They don’t call me the Wizard for nothing, you know. At the same time, my world-famous barbecued bologna cookouts only go so far, and at some point, you have to earn the respect of your constituents, and one great way to do that is to protect them from the heat.


26 November, 2006: CM Kochert's council legacy? One clue: It won't be a smoking ordinance.

In fact, you can bet your Christmas bonus check on the roulette wheel at Caesar’s … or take far better odds toward the likelihood that the same council persons supporting CM Larry Kochert’s anti-smoking ordinance will spin on a dime (your dime, that is) and begin chewing the scenery in full grandstand mode, demanding an immediate audit along with the resignation of every elected and appointed official in City Hall, if they’re so much as handed an estimated bill for enforcing a non-smoking decree.

We’ve seen them do it before, and on multiple occasions, so why would this instance be any different?


26 August, 2006: No, wait -- not on the carpet!

It’s ironic that New Albany’s 3rd District uncouncilman Steve Price would receive a blushing e-love letter from his self-professed, fanatically Democratic constituents, but it isn’t exactly unexpected.

Given the fever pitch of local political personality conflicts presumably dating back to the Eisenhower administration and our city’s general lack of interest in intellectual pursuits of the sort that generally lead toward enrichment and away from misery and poverty, human rationality is bound to be the first casualty of the Coup d’Geriatrique’s hate-infused war against modernity.

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