Thursday, October 26, 2006

Local Democrats rally today as extreme radical wing meets in yonder bread box.

As noted two days ago, in lieu of a last-minute invitation to attend the Saturday GOP redshirt rally in Sellersburg, NA Confidential opts instead to see blue this afternoon as Evan Bayh and Baron Hill come to town.

Here's the official press release from the Floyd County Democratic Party:

(New Albany) - U.S. Senator and potential Presidential nominee Evan Bayh will join Democratic Congressional Candidate Baron Hill in Floyd County today for a rally at Democratic Headquarters and the White House Center at 221 Pearl Street in New Albany.

The rally, which will be held at 4:00 p.m., is an effort to help motivate the Democratic base prior to election day.

"This is a great opportunity for citizens to meet two energetic political figures - Bayh and Hill - that are working to make our nation and our local communities a better place," stated party chairman Randy Stumler.

He added, "With the popularity of Evan Bayh and his potential run for the White House, there may be no better time for Hoosiers to show their support and meet these individuals."

In connection with the event, the local Democratic Party will have refreshments. Pearl Street will be closed during the event due to security considerations.

Anyone with questions on the event should contact Democratic Headquarters at 812.207.7941.

Speaking of the party chairman and candidate Stumler, how's this for an endorsement in his race for County Commissioner?

County Commissioner, District #1– Randy Stumler (D)

Randy has demonstrated leadership skills, especially in the area of financial controls, in addition to a track record of independent thinking. This coupled with his stand on proper development in rural Floyd County, and the rebirth of New Albany itself, sets him well above the competition. Only one note of caution. As Chairman of the Floyd county Democrat Party, should Randy fall in with the extreme radical wing of his party, all bets for future support are off. I find this prospect, however, highly unlikely.

It's from the NA Unrestricted blog, which is sporadically published by the pseudonymous blogger known as Blogspastic.

Readers, is there really such a thing as an "extreme radical wing" of the local Democratic party?

If anyone finds it, please let us know. We'd like to join.


All4Word said...

Do you think mayhaps he's referring to the "extreme radical wing" of "Democrats" that are opposing Stumler? 'cause if anyone can identify an extreme radical wing of the party other than Coffey-Price-Schmidt, I'd like to meet them.

The New Albanian said...

How surprising that none attended the Democratic rally.

Jeff Gillenwater said...

I'm not sure Coffey-Price-Schmidt could be considered radical Democrats or be expected to attend the rally. They are Republicans, after all.

CannonFarms said...

Coffee was a card carrying republican. Just like Paul Etheridge, who was ran out of Clark County on a rail. They owe what little they have accomplished to the Floyd County Dems. That kind will stab you in the back. Etheridge uses a guillotine. I was working late at the court house or I would have been there.