Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Press release: BNA, NABC, NV and good beer in downtown New Albany during HH.

New Albany’s critically acclaimed Bistro New Albany is joining with the New Albanian Brewing Company and North Vernon Beverage Company to host a downtown New Albany beer garden to coincide with “booth days” at the city’s annual Harvest Homecoming festival.

The beer garden will be located on Bank Street adjacent to bNA’s outdoor patio, and opening hours will parallel those of the booths on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, October 12-14. The Bistro is located at the corner of Bank and Market Streets in downtown New Albany.

The New Albanian Brewing Company has brewed a special amber lager, which will be served exclusively at the Bistro’s beer garden. Other NABC microbrews (Croupier, Elector, Bob’s Old 15-B) will be served, as will a selection of craft and imported beers (Upland Wheat, Upland Oktoberfest, Sierra Nevada, Newcastle, Stella Artois), the latter courtesy of North Vernon Beverage Co.

A short menu of food will be served daily in the Bistro’s beer garden, and musical entertainment will be provided on Friday and Saturday evenings with performances by Sativa Gumbo, NABC brewer Jared Williamson’s popular local four-piece band.

The Bistro’s beer garden is neither affiliated with Harvest Homecoming, nor is a sponsor of any officially sanctioned event during Harvest Homecoming, which is by far New Albany’s largest annual civic celebration, drawing tens of thousands of natives and visitors to the city.

NABC is overjoyed to help the Bistro and North Vernon Beverage in providing good beer to festival attendees, and we look forward to this birth of a vibrant new October tradition in New Albany.


Meatbe said...

This sounds like a grand idea, and I look forward to stopping by to sample some quality ale. While I'm admittedly an enthusiast of the festive atmosphere surrounding the traditional Friday afternoon "beer walk," I'm delighted to know that my fellow festival patrons and I will now have the opportunity to quaff some fine beer as part of the celebration. Cheers!

Roger P. said...

Does anyone have info on the beer walk (registration/sign-up, time, route map, etc?).

It almost appears to be a "secret society" type event, and the committee hasn't been very helpful in providing info.

It sounds like the one part of the festival I would really enjoy.


The New Albanian said...

The official committee doesn't sanction the beer walk for fear of alienating fundamentalists, so I'd think your best bet is to contact one of the older downtown establishments -- say, Hugh E Bir's -- and ask for info.