Sunday, March 27, 2005

Slow Tribune news days, front-page follies ... and Iowa Cities for $1,000, Alex

The New Albany Tribune has been fairly bland lately, especially with respect to the small number of selected articles that the newspaper chooses to publish on its web site according to no discernable time schedule.

This is why we can’t link you to Sunday’s front-page piece on last Friday's farmers' market summit conference. Coverage of the meeting was provided by county reporter Kyle Lowry, who also was the editor’s choice to interpret the March 2 “New Visions” symposium at Destinations Booksellers.

So, have we frightened off Amany Ali?

The ‘Bune’s city editor was not in attendance at the most recent City Council meeting, either. Odd, but the news isn’t all bad, as there have been fewer of her indescribably unique Sunday columns since the beginning of the year. Perhaps she’s on rotating holiday.

Yesterday we were treated to this textbook example of “slow news day” reporting by Chris Morris, the Tribune’s Managing Editor:

"Blades of Steel" will fly during Thunder

"On Thunder Day, April 23, chefs from Kobe Japanese Steak House in Jeffersonville will compete for the honor of top Hibachi chef. The event will be filmed on Thunder Day and broadcast at a later date.

"The event, named "Blades of Steel," is the brainchild of New Albany Riverfront Director Bob Trinkle."

We’re seized by the warm fuzzies, because it’s nice of Chris to provide a prime front-page slot for one of the legendary “Trinkle Down’s” self-promotional ventures.

To be sure, there’s something verging on the poetic about imagery that combines the blessedly extinct Stone Deaf Band’s guiding light with wild-eyed, cleaver-wielding Hibachi chefs during Flatulence Over Louisville.

Nonetheless, NA Confidential regrets that it’ll give that telecast a miss.

Instead, we'll be poring over the Iowa pages of our handy atlas in search of the city called DeBuke.

My closing question: Now that there has been time to consider the results, what do you think about the Tribune’s new look and publishing schedule?


Tim Deatrick said...

What about my recent articles on the Moulage presentation in Dr. Baker's Bioterrorism seminar, the recent discussion by Dr. Gerhard regarding global warming and global energy issues, and the IUS Baseball team helping us out on the West Nile project.

I feel like all those articles made for a respectable piece of journalism.

The New Albanian said...

Point taken. In fact, it occurs to me that there have been several things in the newspaper that have been worthwhile, including an exchange between the sides on the used house lot issue and a couple of interesting columns on the criminal history of New Albany.

Problem is, none of these make it onto the web site archive.

Tim Deatrick said...

be looking soon for my upcoming feature on a conservation officer who is also active in the fur trapping sport. It will have a bit of history as well as ecology written into it.

ConcernedNACitizen said...

If you think you've scared away Amany Ali, try looking for her roaming the halls of the third floor of the city-county building. Looking for some lame story about city politics. If you remember a few years ago during the Overton adminstration there was a confrontation with then Deputy Mayor Kevin Bielein { of how ever you spell it } and the tribune staff which resulted in a shouting match between the two about a story that the Tribune ran that bashed or talked down about the robust republicans that were then ruling the new albany area. The police were called and it was swept under the rug because the then police chief was a reletive of the then Mayor. Since then you have not seen many articles on any administration due to the fact of retaleation. { or how ever you spell that } But since this lame administration does nothing but voice empty promises, that's a good reason for a slow news day. The Tribune is only good for 2 things. Starting fires in the fireplace to warm the house and lining the mulch bed to thwart out weed growth.....Any one agree with that ?????????

ConcernedNACitizen said...
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ConcernedNACitizen said...
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Rick Carmickle said...


Several years ago I spent over $400.00 to run an ad to promote my wedding photography business in the Bune! Right next to my ad was an article on how the B&G could save money on their wedding by having a friend or realitve take photographs!

Shortly after that, one evening the phone rang, someone taking a survey!

Q. Sir! Do you subscribe to the Tribune?

A. Yes, I do!

Q. And what do you find to be its best feature?

A. It's asorbency!

Q. Beg your pardon?

A. I have to put someting down for the dog to pee on while I am out of the house!

Sometimes you gotta call'em like you see'em!