Thursday, June 22, 2017

Learn more about alley beautification during Nominally New Albany week at the 'Bama newspaper.

As elections in 2018 and 2019 draw ever closer, we'll be seeing a radical expansion of Jeff Gahan's cult of personality.

Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu were poorly educated peasants. As power was consolidated, they set about accumulating wealth and luxury far beyond the standard of living in their country, but moreover, they deified themselves, most conspicuously in pretending to be scholars they weren't.

Minions were paid to praise the Ceausescus, and the Ceausescus believed every word of the press clippings.

Dugout has departed to personally steward Dear Leader's transformative public housing demolition plans, but our alleys ... they will be great again.

Don't worry, Democrats.

Jeffrey is so very one of you.

Work begins on transforming New Albany alley, by Danielle Grady (All Things Clark County)

NEW ALBANY — Work began this week on turning a typical New Albany alleyway into a more welcoming place.

In December, the New Albany Board of Works approved a construction bid of $52,733 from LATCO Selby House in Sellersburg to repave, light and paint murals onto the walls of an alley that runs parallel to Bank Street from Spring to Main streets.

Recently, workers have started stringing the decorative drop lighting that will illuminate the now-dark alley.

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