Monday, February 20, 2017

Down with the Courier-Journal's blue-bag-recycling-hypocrisy. Fact is, it's litter.

Free speech my ass: The Courier-Journal can spin this any way it likes, but it's litter, plain and simple. Why do we allow representatives of the newspaper to trash the city? I'm not sure, but perhaps the city council's forthcoming litter ordinance will take this into consideration.


Teresa said...

I’ve complained about this for years, and long ago contacted the CJ about it. Notice how the bags of litter build up on vacant properties. Whoever is distributing the bags must be paid by the piece, because they will sometimes create a pile of litter over time. The bags get rained on and the paper inside molds and ferments. Why, indeed, is the newspaper allowed to litter on a massive scale like this?

The New Albanian said...

Indeed. Why?