Thursday, October 13, 2016

Clear Cut New Albany: Down go the first three of Judge Cody's street trees. Lord, how I detest this place at times.

Ironically, amid the chain saw's harmonious and predictable whirring in downtown New Albany, the News and Tribune's Elizabeth Beilman was reporting on a place very close to us where city government is responsive to the benefits of trees.

BRANCHING OUT: Jeffersonville works to increase urban tree canopy with downtown tree walk; 20-block downtown to showcase 60+ tree species

The multitude of health, economic, environmental and community benefits of trees has prompted Jeffersonville to begin a concerted effort to maintain and increase its urban tree canopy.

The newspaper duly notes:



• Decrease the urban heat island effect

• Impede soil erosion

• Slow the runoff of stormwater

• Trap pollutants like carbon dioxide and air particles

• Increase property values

• Create appealing settings for commercial activity

• Encourage walking

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