Tuesday, July 12, 2016

From roadway bomb craters to pedestrian death investigations: This morning's Board of Public Works and Safety meeting -- with the undermanned newspaper AWOL.

Earlier today, a toe (gout-free since 1999) was dipped cautiously into the saucer.

ASK THE BORED: Coffee break's over, so it's back on our heads.

The BOW meeting of July 12 is history, so let's begin with an update on a topic no one in city government seems eager to discuss.

Is the investigation of Chloe Allen's crosswalk death still ongoing?

Police chief Todd Bailey answered my question about this investigation with gritted teeth (paraphrasing):

The investigation is closed, and the reason we haven't seen it in the newspaper is that newspapers usually don't report on investigations that are closed without charges being filed. 

So, this means there'll be no charges in the pedestrian's death at the hands of a driver?

The investigation was conducted by the Combined Accident Reconstruction Team (CART) at the Floyd County Prosecutor's office, so if one really must know, he'll have to contact them.

Thanks much, Todd. That's remarkably unhelpful but yes, I'll give them a call. I'm sure you've already let them know it's coming.

What was that, Greg Phipps?

ON THE AVENUES: On the crass exploitation and politicization of tragedy.

Point rejected. Now go peddle your own hyper-politicized resolutions. Next, this week's destruction/construction updates.

5th and Elm speed crater: Have we reached China yet?

As of July 12, it is expected to take two more weeks to repair the subterranean problems at 5th & Elm, and to replace the roadway.

Mickey Thompson explained that once digging started, the scope of these problems considerably widened. There is an old storm sewer never properly capped, and damage to the newer (operative) storm sewer. The sanitary sewer also is undergoing work. Pilings have been placed, and these required time-consuming neighborhood monitoring.

Two more weeks puts us at July 26, or thereabouts.

Chronicles of New Gahania, political cowardice edition: Beharrell to Vincennes, or the choke valve from the choke artist.

Monday (July 1) was the first day for the westbound lane closure between Beharell and Vincennes. City officials insisted that the day went relatively well, but the traffic signal at Spring & Silver has been adjusted.

"If the door is open it isn't theft ... you can't return to where you've never left."

The Bono Road project continues. Most utility work is completed. Phase one, or Green Valley to Cottom, is scheduled for completion in November. Phase two, Cottom to Graybrook, has not been put up for bids, and it will be conducted at a time yet to be divulged.

Is it public art? Is it a street lamp stump? Has the street department even noticed?

During my "communications from the public" segment, I offered an observation to the bored: Invariably, the first thing coming from their mouths when asked to rule on a construction project is how vehicular traffic will be affected. Almost never do they ask about the effect on folks walking, riding bicycles (or on handicapped travelers).

Often the concessions made to automobiles result in inconvenience for sidewalk users, so I asked that there be a protocol for considering such matters, and that sidewalk users be taken into consideration. It doesn't seem like much to ask of a group charged with safety.

I made them aware of the trip hazard/street lamp stump on the southeast corner of Main & W. 1st, and also reminded them that similar hazards still remain unaddressed on the northeast and southeast corners of 10th & Elm.

As noted this morning, free admission to BOW's weekly indoor tent revival inevitably comes accompanied by a sexy floor show.

Irv Stumler set to lecture BOW about property safety on the 200 block of East Main Street. He is not expected to address street safety amid monster trucks.

Yes, Irv took issue with Bill Allen's dilapidated dream houses on Main Street, but this is another whole article.

I'll get to it as soon as I can.

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