Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The remainder of the city's answer's to questions asked by merchants.

The next merchant "mixer" meeting will be on Tuesday, April 19, at 8:30 a.m. It will be hosted by the Carnegie Center, on the corner of Spring and Bank. Police Chief Todd Bailey is being invited to the next meeting. If you're reading this and have a question, send it to me and I'll forward to the right persons.

I've already posted on topics that arose last time.

Team Gahan's breathtaking passive/aggressive answer to the question of making a safe pedestrian crossing at Main and W. 1st.

Signage disparities at the State Street Parking Garage.

Questions were to have been asked of Mickey Thompson, but David Duggins ran interference instead. The actual questions were not included with the answers mailed yesterday, but you probably can infer them.


Snow Clean Up – The street department does operate on a schedule during snow events. Insuring main roads are cleared for emergency vehicles is the first priority. Individuals should feel empowered to clear spots in front of their businesses for patrons as they deem necessary.
Storm Drains – Storm drains are cleared on a schedule. Should you notice a clogged drain, please contact the Storm Water Department to report storm drain issues 812-945-1989
Broken Limbs on sidewalks – There be excessive debris, please contact the Street Department 812-948-5352.
   (A)   Responsibilities of owners and occupants. Every owner of a dwelling containing two or more dwelling units shall be responsible for maintaining in a clean and sanitary condition the dwelling units and the shared or public area of the dwelling premises thereof. Every occupant of a dwelling containing less than two dwelling units shall be responsible for maintaining in a clean and sanitary condition the shared or public area of the dwelling and premises thereof, unless otherwise provided for by the rental agreement.
   (B)   Responsibility of every occupant of a dwelling or dwelling unit. Every occupant of a dwelling or dwelling unit shall keep in a clean and sanitary condition that part of the dwelling, dwelling unit, facilities, yard and otherwise, all of the premises which he or she and his or her family occupies, uses and controls.
   (C)   Municipal department responsible for administration. Unless specifically stated elsewhere in this chapter, the Building Commissioner shall be responsible for the administration of actions taken under this chapter, including, but not limited to, the issuance of notices to the landowners and other persons, the issuance of certificates of cost to the County Auditor and the administration of the appeals procedure.
   (D)   Maintaining premises free of debris, trash, litter, garbage, refuse, junk and abandoned vehicles.
      (1)   The owner of any lot or parcel of real estate within the city shall maintain the premises, including the real estate, or any alley or sidewalk abutting the real estate, free of all debris, trash, rubbish, litter, garbage, refuse, junk and abandoned vehicles, when the material is within view of any public premises, public alley, street, highway or adjacent property, to such an extent that the premises is a hazard to public health, safety and welfare.
      (2)   The presence of debris, trash, rubbish, litter, garbage, refuse, tires, junk and abandoned vehicles is injurious to the public welfare and is a nuisance.

Crosswalks on Main Street -  At this time crosswalks at corner of Main and First would present a safety hazard as there is no light or stop sign to protect pedestrians and signal a safe crossing. Pedestrians would be invited to walk in an unprotected area.
Pot Holes – Street Department 812-948-5352
Downtown Garbage Can Pick-Up – Downtown trash cans will be picked up twice weekly. We are working on a plan to add trash cans to our downtown area as well. We will keep you in the loop as that plan continues to evolve.
Handicap Spots – The handicap spot on Pearl at the corner of main will be repainted by the street department.
Re-surfacing – When the plan is completed advanced notification will be given.
Downtown Attractiveness – This is a team effort. The city is in the process of planning a spring neighborhood clean-up. We are also working to increase pick up of downtown receptacles. As the above ordnance states, occupants are responsible for shared public areas such as sidewalks or alley ways. The city does not employ inmates from the county jail for any purposes as the jail is operated by the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department, not the City of New Albany.
Street Sweepers - Sweepers do not operate year round. For questions regarding sweeper schedules call the Storm Water Department 812-945-1989.

Street Department – Phone number 812-948-5352

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