Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Steve Coomes on Brooklyn and The Butcher: "A steakhouse sans the stereotypical pretension."

Photo credit: Brooklyn and The Butcher on Fb.

It's great ink for Ian and Nikki Hall, with Brooklyn and The Butcher as the lead story by Steve Coomes in this morning's Insider Louisville. Moreover, it's validation for the growth of New Albany's downtown food and drink purveyors.

Both Brooklyn and The Butcher and Gospel Bird came out of the box fully formed, which is a testament to professionalism -- and it's professionalism that will ensure their longevity and the strength of our dining scene.

Congrats to the Halls and their staff.

First look: Brooklyn & The Butcher — a steakhouse sans the stereotypical pretension

 ... The steakhouse, created and operated by BRAND Hospitality Group owners Ian and Nikki Hall (also owners of The Exchange), bills itself as a place for “small plates and big steaks,” a fitting tagline given their desire for a steakhouse sans the stereotypical pretension. You’ll find serious steak here, but not cuts delivered with speeches about dry-aged this or that or wine lists dominated by budget-busting cabernets and cognac. Even better is no one comes out with a cart laden with raw lobsters, steaks and vegetables. I’m hard pressed to think of more awkward tableside marketing than that.

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