Sunday, March 06, 2016

Planning on attending Monday night's council meeting? Here are a few things you should know.

You can read the proposed rental property ordinance in its entirety here: The complete PDF: "Ordinance Adopting Chapter 160: Rental Property Code," for your reading pleasure.

Greg Roberts has renewed his call:

Council Meeting Tomorrow Night ... March 7th @ 7:00 pm ... 3rd floor of the City/County Building.

First and Second Reading on the New Rental Inspection Ordinance

We all need to be there to speak and show our support for this critical ordinance that will directly benefit our neighborhood!

Please spread the word and show up!

For those readers planning to attend (for, against or desirous of free quality entertainment) and who are not familiar with the workings of city council:

1. For an ordinance to be approved, it must pass three readings. The first and second occur simultaneously. For this ordinance to be approved, there'll have to be a third reading at the meeting on March 17 (that's right; St. Patrick's Day).

2. As noted, the meeting is held on the 3rd floor of the City County Building, in the meeting room opposite the elevator -- and there is a security screening to get in the building, so leave Swiss Army Knives at home. Once I lost a cigar cutter this way.

3. Monday night's meeting is going to be very crowded. The room just might hold 50 semi-comfortably, so get there early if possible.

4. If you wish to speak about the rental property ordinance, you must sign up. There'll be two sheets at the lectern. Place your name on the one asking for public comments on agenda items. If you sign by mistake on the non-agenda sheet, your turn won't come until the very end of the meeting, after the vote has been taken.

5. Finally, given the number of citizens wanting to speak, the president probably will limit comments to two, maybe three minutes.

I'll be live-tweeting: @newalbanian, hash tag #nacouncil

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