Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Peyton Manning: "That dopey grin that’s sold countless pizzas."

Hagiography? But Manning isn't an old hag -- he's a football player!

Oh, dear.

This looks like a case for SHANE'S EXCELLENT NEW WORDS, coming on Wednesday. In the meantime, I found a fellow cynic. I'm always happy when this happens.

Peyton Manning retires – and ends the world's most exhausting hagiography, by Dave Schilling (The Guardian)

... The Sheriff is gone, but is he really gone? Sundays will still be littered with his adverts for Nationwide, Papa Johns, and surely Budweiser at some point. He’ll pop up on Saturday Night Live once or twice, donning a funny wig or tripping on a banana peel at an inopportune moment. Phil Simms will call a rookie quarterback “a young Peyton” or compare Brock Osweiler’s mediocre game management to his predecessor’s.

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