Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Get your copy now: "Streetfight: Handbook for an Urban Revolution."

"If you can change the street, you can change the world."

Someone tell the mayor, but yell really loudly; he's a few stories underground in the down-low bunker. The book is Streetfight: Handbook for an Urban Revolution, by Janette Sadik-Khan and Seth Solomonow.

Janette Sadik-Khan's homepage includes views of before/after street transformations.

Simply painting a part of the street to make it into a plaza or bus lane not only made the street safer, but it also lessened congestion and increased foot traffic, which improved the bottom line of businesses.

I reiterate my previous call: If Gahan has no intention of doing it, I'm ready to start painting streets.

Streetfight Offers Vision to Reshape Cities (Destinations Booksellers)

Janette Sadik-Khan is one of the world’s foremost authorities on transportation and urban transformation. She served as New York’s transportation commissioner from 2007 to 2013 under Mayor Michael Bloomberg, overseeing historic changes to New York City’s streets – closing Broadway to cars in Times Square, building nearly four hundred miles of bike landes, and creating more than sixty plazas citywide. She, along with colleague Seth Solomonow, provide case studies of how cities and/or activists can make city streets safer and more accommodating to multiple uses.

If you’re a fan of protected bike lanes and road diets, here’s a manual of successful procedures taken from real life.

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