Monday, March 28, 2016

Craig's revenge? Attack of the Killer Zombie Street Mattresses shifts to a rental property on Market.

This is Market, not Elm. We believe it's a different mattress.

Last week, we visited the Mattress Corner of 5th & Elm.

Twelve days later, that mattress is still right there, justified and ancient, on the Elm Street curb.

Finally on the 23rd, it was gone. Is the third time a charm?

Meanwhile, the street mattress explosion shifts to Market Street, within eyesight of the Break Wind Lofts at Duggins Flats, the posited "ripple effect" of which never mentioned going to the mattresses.

The pride, the glory ... the Craig Block.

Today's street mattress comes to us courtesy of Ron Craig, who recently testified at council against any form of regulation pertaining to his rental properties.

Those protests go back a few years. I can find no follow-ups, either at NAC or local media. Does anyone know how the Great Vinyl Siding Hairball of 2012 turned out?

November 10, 2012
Deal proposed in preservation case regarding vinyl siding on New Albany building, by Daniel Suddeath (N and T)

June 3, 2012

Terminal ignorance of the law: Four years of vinyl siding sideshows ...

May 20, 2012

Too many cooks spoil the broth?

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