Sunday, March 06, 2016

Chef David Clancy will be manning the kitchen at H.M. Frank's, the O'Shea's Public House opening soon in Jeffersonville.

The building in 1982.
It's roughly two months shy of ten years since Bistro New Albany opened. It was when so many of us first got to know David Clancy.

The intervening decade has seen many ups, down and ups for Chef Clancy, and damn, it's wonderful to hear that he'll be opening Tom O Shea's latest venture on Spring Street in Jeffersonville.

If you've seen what Tom did rehabbing Patrick O'Shea's in Louisville, then you know to expect quality work at H.M. Frank's.

By the way, Tom: All Indiana-brewed beers on those taps, okay?

PUB TALK: Jeffersonville O'Shea's opening within weeks, by Elizabeth Beilman (Jeffersonville Picayune)

JEFFERSONVILLE — Tom O'Shea stripped 100 years worth of walls and flooring from the inside of 355 Spring St. What he found underneath was wood floors and deep-red brick — the ghost of the original H.M. Frank's Dry Goods Store from the 1890s.

The old store is the inspiration behind the Jeffersonville twist on O'Shea's, a popular Irish pub with roots in Louisville, called H.M. Frank's: An O'Shea's Public House.

Many New Albanian readers will remember this name ...

Chef David Clancy — who has an expansive background in cooking in restaurants from California to Lilly's Bistro in Louisville — will run the kitchen. He wants to keep specials "fresh and exciting."

"What we're looking to do is not over the top," Clancy said, as kitchen space is limited. "At the same time, I think we can put some really good, highly nuanced food there."

Clancy is partnering with local farms to source ingredients. Expect house-ground beef or locally sourced cheese charcuterie platters.

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