Saturday, March 26, 2016

"And I think to myself there is no way to explain in a brief interview the power of the 40-year hurt in shaping American society."

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Basketball-laden holiday weekends are death for readership, but not only is Bruce Springsteen's album The River timeless;it's also prescient.

US election 2016: The 40-year hurt (BBC Magazine)

The London-based American writer and broadcaster Michael Goldfarb is frequently asked on air why this year's US election has turned out to be so unusual, and whether insurgent Republican candidate Donald Trump can really win. He has to give a short answer. The long answer, he argues here, involves going back 40 years.

Bruce Springsteen is coming to London with the River tour. At £170 for the cheapest pair, I can't afford to see the Boss any more, even if my body could handle standing on Wembley Stadium's pitch for three-and-a-half-hours in an early June drizzle.

It's interesting that Springsteen is re-exploring The River album again. Whenever the anger that simmers in America erupts and reminds the rest of the world that the country is troubled, he seems to be the cultural figure whose work offers an explanation.

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