Friday, January 22, 2016

#Gahansafe: In which it is revealed that quality of life is experience of living.

"We started down the road of talking about quality of life, but what we're really talking about, uh, is the quality of ... of ... of the experience of living in New Albany." 

Don't look at me. 10% of you elected him, and accordingly, the first New Albany Now agitprop of 2016 views like leftover campaign footage. After all, the same media company produces everything.

The video is 3 minutes, 41 seconds long. The first minute rehashes Jeff Gahan's "parks first, financing later" spiel. The second minute upholds the importance of Break Wind and senior housing at M. Fine, but of course doesn't explain why Flaherty and Collins deserves sewer tap-waivers while Matt Chalfant doesn't.

Then it gets weird. Roughly 45 seconds are devoted to conceding the existence of a street grid study, trumpeting forthcoming changes in favor of biking and "safe" walkability downtown, but characteristically, completely avoiding specifics. One gets the impression that Gahan could provide the exact specifications of that model of artificial turf installed at Silver Street, while at the same time never once explaining (for instance) the meaning of induce demand.

In essence: Trust me; there'll be big announcements soon. 

Here's the problem, Jeff: Until you actually indulge in two-way communications and display even the slightest comprehension of what Jeff Speck (remember that name?) is trying to teach you, there is NO REASON to trust you.

But it's a nice, professional campaign propaganda video. When's the State Senate announcement coming?

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