Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Coffey emerges from closet: "I am no longer affiliated with the Democrats."

As a preface to what follows, twelve years of cold, hard experience teaches us that Dan Coffey possesses only one foundational sub-cellar: Coffey will be Coffey. He is the very personification of street corner shell game. The odds favor the house ... and Coffey is the house.

This said, at last evening's city council meeting, a bizarrely meek and understated Coffey informed his fellow council members that he's a free agent: "I am no longer affiliated with the Democrats."

Horrified, area Republicans rushed to social media to clarify: "I speak for the Floyd County Republican Party when I say that Dan Coffey is not a member of the Republican Party. That is all."

Later I remarked that if Scott Blair and Dan Coffey both are viewed as "independent," then I might as well run for mayor next time as a socialist, because they're absolutely ruining my brand.

But the final word is reserved for Jeff Gillenwater.

Are there any Floyd County Democrats who are affiliated with the Democrats?

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