Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Northern Road Trip, Day 5.2: Sculpture Garden and the Stone Arch Bridge.

On the morning of the 29th, prior to our Hmong House afternoon, we took the Green Line into Minneapolis and debarked at the new Vikings stadium site for a walk across the Stone Arch Bridge and the Mississippi River.

This is the epicenter of the old factory 'n' mill Minneapolis. Nearby is Nicollet Island (we'd walked there the previous day) and a familiar symbol of olden brewing times, now revived as a throwback budget beer brand.

The preceding three photos are from the 28th. The ones that follow are from the Stone Arch Bridge walk on the 29th. First is some heavy adaptive reuse under way at an old flour mill:

Then, the view back toward downtown. The Stone Arch Bridge is the oldest Mississippi span in Minneapolis. The area is now criss-crossed with recreational trails for bikers and walkers, as well as boasting numerous eateries and watering holes for refueling.

Then a city bus (they're fully efficient, too) took us 10 blocks or more south, to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, adjacent to the Walker Art Center. The place became packed as it got closer to lunchtime.

The chairs are for sitting, but there was no time for dawdling. We hiked back to the Green Line through yet another green space, and returned to the Bobbin House Studio to pick up the car, and begin the day's Hmong cultural instruction.

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