Friday, July 25, 2014

Northern Road Trip, Day 1: Back to glorious Madison, Wisconsin.

(backdated, according to my quaint custom)

It's all quite simple, really.

The missus had an unexpected opportunity to change jobs, and grabbed it, leaving us with the chance to load up the car and embark on a Great American Road Trip.

First stop was an old favorite: Madison, capital of Wisconsin. Lunch was at the amazing Ha Long Bay, a Williamson Street staple with Vietnamese, Thai and Laotian specialties. Afterward we strolled for almost two hours in the vicinity, taking advantage of walker- and cyclist-friendly streets.

Late afternoon beers were enjoyed amid competitive Scrabble at a picnic table inside the Capital Brewing beer garden, Middleton. The evening ended on the terrace of the Great Dane Brewing branch in Fitchburg, with the air so cool we had to wear sweaters.

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